you suck attention sarcastic bitch, it seems you have a bit of a problem. you like to pass a one_comment_judgement on someone. you blathes are an outrage. you cannot pass judgement on someone. take a look in the mirror 070628
mr song who are you talking about? ME? 070628
you suck no. 070628
. some people need a slap in the face, wake up... see the fucking truth. 070628
Lemon_Soda Truth is subjective.

sort it out yep, it's funny that i can read you all over !

i know the truth and it is not subjective.

if you don't know your own body ora then better tune in, you'll never be able to lie because i can smell it and read it all over you. tune in or get left behind.
Skeptic Al Perhaps you'd care to share this oh-so-objective truth you have discovered? 070628
f oh you sound so sarcastic !

dear me.

well, the trick is, i can't tell you simply because....
i never discovered it and it has no name next to it...
it just is what it is.

try reading another book, - keep looking, smash a mirror or somthing - oh so.
what's it to you?
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