ravensfears Once upon a time a long, long time ago, arguments were settled with a gunfight. A duel. One person shot the other person and POOF argument settled.

Stephen King writes a series of books about a gunfighter, and his name is Roland. He's after the Crimson King. Its the Dark Tower series.
birdmad crime drama circa 1991 shot whizzing past my ear and burying itself into the tree (really a weird "whoosh" followed by the thud of something hitting live wood, the fact that he used a potato for a silencer coupled with his piss_poor aim would be what saved me from a clean headshot

the sound of gunfire is twofold, the explosion of the charge in the round and the sonic boom of it cutting through the air if it is a high enough caliber and or high enough velocity round

ducked low between the block wall and the car, crouching low.

the shadows were on my side, he never saw me move under the parked car never saw me aiming for his knee

i dropped him like a bad habit and left him clutching his leg in agony.

he was paranoid and he was high and i figured as much otherwise i would have made sure to hurt him worse, he wouldn't have shot at me if he was sober
grendel ask any of us who wre involved and we will all answere "because_i_was_high" 020208
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