dosquatch I went to Home Depot yesterday. As I was loading my purchases into my truck, I noticed the SUV next to me needed air in its back tire - and badly.

So I wrote a note. I figured this is something the owner would probably rather know now, rather than when the tire blows out going down the interstate. I'd hope someone would do the same for me.

So I sat down, wrote my note, and got back out so I could tuck it under the wiper of the ailing truck.

Now, there's a lot I do by reflex when I'm getting in a car. One of those things is locking the door. You see where this is going, right?

Yup. There's the keys. locked inside. The price I pay for doing a Good_Thing.

And then, AND THEN, the lady that owns the truck came out and drove away WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING THE NOTE.

Some days I wonder why I bother.
Lemon_Soda You did a good thing. Let that be your own reward. For al you know she noticed it at the next light.

and you didin't try; you succeeded.
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