User24 It just looks so neat and clean; a piece of knowledge from some stranger, it might be nonsensical, it might be wise, risqué, stupid, sad..

But whatever it is, it always looks crisp and clean, like fresh snow.
User24 well, ok, this one doesn't - I blathed too much to get the full effect, but have a look at the_blathe_with_no_links to see just what I mean. 020613
Betwixt No, It was untill you put that second peice of blatherage. Whats that called anyways? 020613
freakizh it's cool to start a new one because he first blathe is always the one that is read, to get what the blatherskite meant with that weird title.
unless the blathe is too long. then fuck god, skipskipskip until you see the name.

feels like devirginizing_a_blathe_space.
Syrope its odd when you make an underscore string and it's already been made
so you THOUGHT you were gonna get to devirginize some space
but really you just got sloppy seconds (or thirds, or eightieths)
Mr. Happy I prefer sloppy joes. 040319
Syrope you would ;) 040321
Death of a Rose eightieths, wow.

I mean holy coniving condoms batman.
oren DOAR, I concur. I've_never seen that_word before in_my_life. 100424
what's it to you?
who go