shower singer sometimes I wonder if my flatmate still lives here 050626
emmi i feel the same way about mine sometimes. 060505
anouk mine is small and petty and immature
i hope i_am_becoming less so
unhinged i wish i could wonder if my roommate still lived here; i can't wait to live alone again. 080324
ever dumbening is sans 080325
in the angry chair all mine turned out to be a bunch of right bleeding bastards whom i'd not be kind enough to piss on if i saw them on fire 080325
past mine is a bunny. human flatmats drive me bonkers. 080325
now_now I miss mine
we bicker
I love it

They're lovely
anouk She talks to herself.
Constant, meaningless performances that I am not supposed to respond to and yet are staged just for me.

I know that if there was no one else here, the murmurings and flourishes would not occur.

I diligently perform my indifference right back at her.
what's it to you?
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