For sure! I don't know......isn't this written on golf balls somewhere? 000713
giftengel college town in northern AZ

nice place, good parties

... especially when there's a decent ski season
pat sajaks ghost (Hoop hoop) You say there ain't no light a-shinin'
(Well, hoop hoop) Through the bushes up ahead
(Well, hoop hoop) 'N we're all gonna be so sorry
(Well, sorry, dead now) When we find out you are dead
(Hoop hoop) Go head on 'n get it over with then
(Well, hoop hoop) Find you a bridge 'n take a jump
.fallen will, oh will, somebody please.....tell me of the joys of living in Flagstaff....tell me the weather.....tell me the scenery....and tell me other interesting tidbits...oh please, oh please 040218
birdmad being a college town, the city itself seems a bit crowded for being small, but the forests that surround the city are nice, the weather stays quite pleasant there even when the summers down in Phoenix and Tucson get to be their most brutal

you won't be terribly far from the Grand Canyon or any number of other landmarks (Monument Valley, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest)

if you like skiing/snowboarding in the winter, then when the weather permits, Snow-bowl and Sunrise are nearby and if the snow isn't sufficient there, then it's just a couple of hours trek up to some of the ski areas in the south part of Utah and the SW part of Colorado

The appeal of Flagstaff depends at least a little bit on what a person is interested in.
.fallen thank_you 040218
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