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girl_jane false: based on mistaken ideas
hope: to expect with desire

Well, it looks like you're pretty much screwed on this one...
squint hope is for dummies.

and me.

or...taking what I just into consideration, i guess i could just say dummies.

no offense, ma'am. i feel your pain.

Sage Hope is a wonderful; dangerous thing. It motivates us to excel on the off chance something magnificent will happen. It curves our intution, so that the impossible is atleast believeable, a world without hope would be cold and desolate, a place where I wouldn't live. 020805
so tell me how long before the right one last_night_i_dreamt_that_somebody_loved_me

enrico.basilica Maybe somehow, Im going to pass this exam.

[You're not. Dont kid yourself, why do you always do this.]

Maybe, somehow, if I get lucky, and they dont ask the really evil questions, I'll pass this exam.

[Stop doing that! You are not going to pass this exam. Why do you always do this.]

False hope.

Someone please turn my brain off.
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