erin my favorite 80's movie character. he is the best reason i can think of for watching Pretty in Pink. jon cryer deserved an oscar for that one. 000815
Splinken i'm with you on that one.

i like to delude myself and think that i would love ducky. but i'd probably just torture him and make out with blaine instead, just like andy.

some kind of birdmad i still have my hat

but hell only knows how many pairs of creepers i wore through back then

my ratty suit jacket with all the different band buttons on it, pinned to the lapels...push the sleeves up to the elbow...wear my shirt too long and with a skull-and-crossbones bola tie

The Specials
The Buzzcocks
Sex Pistols
Social D
the cure
Dead Kennedys


except for the whole "Reagan" aspect of it... i guess i miss the eighties
ducky i feel like giving up to the waves and drowning now. deeper into the water i must go. oh, how i hope that the water is murky, so no one will know what has happened .... 000815
shinya onna oh where , oh where did stanely go? and why oh why did that skinhead bite his ducky dome off. 000815
ducky hmnf 000816
amy Quack!
i (usually) quack at ducks when i see them...
what's it to you?
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