I fuck katie every night--- would be nothing without katie_holmes 010820
Fool the creek is silly

he used to call the show "dawson's cheek". silly boy.
Aimee it is incredibly sad, but I love this show.... i am so addicted I even go to the website and follow the summer diaries.... i have a problem... but at least i admit it... :) 010821
marjorie someone should drop a fucking anvil on Pacey. 010821
Aimee couldn't agree more 010821
reenz i thought it would be stupid, but i watched it, and got into the little world, and now i like it. 020520
god i like when they went to austrailia 021009
bethany whenever i'm walking with a group of friends
we all look very different, like the breakfast club different
i always burst out into "I DONT WANNA WAIT FOR OUT LIVES TO BE OVER"
coz it's like the opening to dawson's

yeah i get hit
i get hit a lot
what's it to you?
who go