baby satan this shit kicks ass. that's all i gotta say about that. 010807
The entire world speaking in unison Haha! Didn't you see that episode of 20/20 a couple of years ago where they went to Mexico to tour the corona brewery? They discovered that there are two processing plants, one for the Corona that will be shipped to the states, and another for mexican destinations.

Well, the Corona that is destined for USA, several employees (happily) admitted to pissing in the beer vats!!

You drank piss beer! grooooosssss!
laggahead that stuff is nasty.
no matter how many limes you squeeze in that stuff, it never tastes good.
and another thing...
the only people i ever see drinking that stuff are those people on spring break. and those college co-ed porno tapes you can order from late night tv.
see what corona does to a person?
i'll just keep the 8-ball rollin'
baby satan i do piss german beer, you know. so my views are perhaps a bit biased. 010809
soccerstud corona boys pat and corey Hohenfels Germany for life! 031210
BonTon If i put a corona on my head does that make me a king.....

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