freakizh a friend told me that when she said something like "remember you should take in mind the context", her boyfriend said "aw, we're not in school, don't use advanced english words on me". 020526
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gja Worse than any sin identified by Grammar Nazi are words out of context. 070704
kung Fu well it's lucky the English language is so clever then,
what with the plumber that found a pumb blocking the flow and the mortage that isn't dead yet and the cat that is stillll sitting on the stairs perrring oblivious of it all, he ain't dead, he ain't curious, he just is.

what ever you want it to be, unless you are one of those by the boook walking dictionary types,

it is a subconscious intverntion that people think is black and white when in fact is a 3D holographic sign.
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what's it to you?
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