birdmad time will find me caked in dust and blood

mouthful of sand


wind and sand my_secrets_keep
phil If you were going to chase after your goldfish, wouldn't you need air, and he need water. 020717
Sailor Jupiter When I was younger I would run down the street trying to find that shiney pool of water you sometimes see. But it's only an optical illusion. I can at times making an analogy between this and my happiness. 020717
jg I remember when I was little, I'd see the water on the road and wait excitedly for when we'd drive through it and splash-but it never happened. 020718
pete passing through the night, looking up at the clear sky, the hazed moon--or is it my vision that's been hazed by alcohol, embarrassment and disappointment?--the hazed moon hangs laughing silently as the first bus pulls into the station. time for bed, i thought, time to sleep here in this bed of snow. 070303
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