no reason i've fallen in_love.
forget people, i've moved on to places.'ll happen someday...
nomme new caledonia

i've barely stepped my foot outside your door

all this running here has brought life to me
who i am from what they were
all these generations building my home
and all the places i have never known
the places they came from

this season as never before
as far back as anyone can remember
nomme Colombie-Britannique 030821
nomme 142 years in my blood 030821
nomme 040409
monee it really should be british coloumbia
to match with colour, neighbour
and favourite
no reason the former lieutenant-governor of bc called my cell phone today 070301
nom weird! 070302
nom why? 070302
nom why_not? i guess! 070302
no reason i miss the hippieish livin' 080403
epitome of incomprehensibility The only time I went there was with my family when I was eight. We visited my great-grandmother (dead now, sadly, but how cool is it to have a great-grandmother?) and I looked for caterpillars in the trees. She said she didn't like them so I didn't try to bring any in the house.

The mountains are beautiful.
what's it to you?
who go