LeVi The last time I actually looked at a molten vat of pig fat was when i was ten. when it bubbled I celebrated and took a big whiff of the stench as if it came from my own gurgling collection of body waste. thats right folks I am cooler that you. go to the store and get me a sitar....will ya? 011121
paste! but can you juggle 85 sitars? with an beached whale attached to your back? that's how coolness is defined in this part of town. 011121
cranky ahab yar - gives me whale back, ya hooligan! 011121
paste! not by the hair on my assy, ass-ass. 011121
Dis Animals around the tent, animals within.

Rutting. Messin' around. general grabass, sore knees and sweat. I washed up in a diner in the morning.

If I knew you then as I know you now...
Oh, you pretty thing! To be naked and warm, to hold you ceaselessly without fear, to hear the stories of who you are and why; these are the reasons I want you.

If I knew you now as I will know you soon...
I'd buy you a ring and make you mine.
looney tune grendel Oooh! Ah hate that rabbit.

Git back here ya long-eared galoot!
what's it to you?
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