Soma that nothing that happened, happened, and that we all are happy.

It will be an instant_classic.
LS It might work, but I'd see it more as excepting and getting over what happened more than pretending it didn't. 060708
falling_alone that you asked for my phone number when it really was the bathroom you were looking for. 060708
nom i'll be you'll be 060708
narcisstic_grapes that this will fly away, away, far away.

and us, and them, and nothing existed.

i can tap-dance on quicksand.
whitney lets pretend we dont exist
lets pretend we're in antarctica
pete we can pretend that in our moments of released passions that things fell apart and together, and that in the moments of our weaknesses our strength trumps all, giving the historic silences a new meaning. and giving rise to a new vocalisation of a state that, well, i had hoped not to see though can accept as a reality, and therefore the guide of my actions. we can pretend that things are the same as they were at breakfast last night, but we could also pretend that laissez-faire economics requires a weak government. 060917
Ouroboros "and i'll be satisfied not to read in between the lines" 061003
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