enon i am alive then, and only then.
simply. i fly there, when i can feel that other universe so close. SO CLOSE..i can almost breathe here.
forlorad i am alive too you know 000627
enon i meant this. 000627
forlorad i believe you, and i would say i am sorry-- but that is continually pointless, almost as much as you. my dearest. my dearest. my dearest. 000627
enon ripples make me want to hear the loudspeaker music of them blasting from the airplane wings and send me falling into the space there 000627
eveean i follow you. i fly too and the universe under there is the beauty the quest for life. there is only that. the flow the clear the crystal the light. it is all trapped there wher eyou cant see out and then can only see blur s in. i believeyou too. 000627
jane but even more so
watching the water stay still
only not
it ripples if you watch it close enough
and the reflections ripple with it
so that what you see is not lights
but stars
who have no vanishing_point
yenaldlosi Trips down to Oak Creek as a little boy, when Sedona was practicaly a secret.

Long before the well-intendtioned new-agers and their seemingly unintentional coloniaism
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