Q I feel them from your heart. 000104
little bug thats not where im feeling them 020801
eklektic ziggy marley and the melody makers

"its a vibration, a sensation, a natural mystique all around. coming to you from up above, coming to you from underground."
Kleh Ver "Six ill-mannered atoms that were charged" 021009
~gez~ the music was so loud. the floor vibrated, it kicked ass. also the effect on many people jumping up and down in time, that would have made it vibrate too i suppose 021009
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] What frequency do you vibrate at? How many cycles per second is your being? Your body can be simplified into one equation equaling the sum of all of your atoms multiplied by the rate at which they beat as one.

[Atoms]*[HERTZ] = [Frequency of U]

... or something.

Vibrations are the singulary most relevant topic when dealing with energy.
After all, Matter is simply vibrating chunks of energy.

You , me, the sun, the mountain, all of us can be seen as a mass of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Circling and cycling around the cosmos we vibrate in an unheard symphony of color and waves. Interconnected and related to the balance of universal nature.
phil wave length 040406
three words flirt silent_answers vibrations 110613
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