birdmad that which defies explanation

frequently mysterious, even.
whirligirl known to some as 'inexplicable' 000724
grendel yeah, that too 000724
carden the eyes that glow red and stare at me in the hall..watching 010405
devotchka all of my frustration and i keep going back 010405
Teddybear the opposite sex 010405
green_tenedril into your arms
i feel myself falling
as we share this forbidden embrace...
i ask "is it real?"
"as real as you believe."
still i see you only through glass
your form growing more gaunt
my back breaking from carrying the idea of you around.
you cannot fall in love with
unhinged oh yes you can

it happens every day
Miner My unquestionable ability to fall for the wrong girl. Who all share the common character trait of being absolutely nothing like me in anyway or form, with no similar interests or anything. Oh and also this self-pitying self-destructive petty mood I seem to keep getting in and strangely enjoying far too much. 010530
god what the fuck happened to my... my pepsi? christ! 041002
what's it to you?
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