nom conquer the_eternal gravity_of_tears 080822
In_Bloom *Come with me
*Please smile more
*Hold my hand
*Sit closer, closer
*We will endure
*It's only money
*I am yours
*No more tears
*You are awesome
nom isn't_that_amazing
nom glance final just_one 080827
nom emotion_capture
100_thousand_dollars could've
daf you are loved 081018
In_Bloom *Come on over*
*The door's unlocked*
*Climb into bed*
*Yes like that*
*Damn it's good*
*I'm not tired*
amy every hoax the_next_pope

I think of them as universalizing instances of what might be glamourous or despairing at any given point in time. Mostly, I set an intention, like I want to talk to God, or Kuan Yin, or Jesus, or you, for that matter. and then I get my answer. Mostly, I find their coherence to be disappointing -- you mean the world's not that big of a place? -- what if I had wanted to go on vacation on of these days, and I learn the language and the customs and the culture, and then, I get there, and all I discover is three_words. i guess i would have to do a lot of homework to get to that sort of an effect, but still. i wish the world were bigger.
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