RoXXXie i never should've trusted anyone.
i never should've let on that i cared.
and do you know who sits in the fools seat now? it is i.
it has been all along.
im breaking up, there's interference here
I cant deal with your interference right now
leave me alone
until you figure it out and
i'll leave you alone until you find me
NIN Why does it come as a surprise.
To think that i was so naive.
Maybe didn't mean too much.
But it meant everything to me.
realistic optimist ooh thanks for reminding me about this song. i'm listening to it right now as i type. truly one of my favorites off of phm. 040114
misstree mmm, this will be stuck in my head until i can hear the whole album... got to hear kinda_i_want_to at just the right moment last night... magical... 040114
. 040731
blackwidow What do you fucking WANT? It certainly is a massive amount easier when it's Trent or Weiland or someone.
Just shut up and quit being a baby.
kx21 GIGO... 040801
what's it to you?
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