charlie i'm the standing at night with a long coat on under a streetlight kind of lovestruck 031202
lovechild lovestruck? falling for a lampost? giving it your utmost? spilling out your deepest feelings? 040222
cinzento Wish that they would turn off, and leave me to the night sky.
Wish that they would burn out, and darken when I go by.
charlie no, for a boy who made me want to stand on a corner at night and feel the world all around me.
i guess i'm not really anymore, things change, maybe he's only a ghost of a passing dream
charlie in the years since i wrote that, i've learned a deeper, more solid and real and not-romantic kind of love. a breathtaking appreciation and adoration of another.
and him. he was never more real to me that that feeling that gripped me so strongly, but it's an aliveness i've hardly felt since and i won't forget.
what's it to you?
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