no reason a figure in the distance
warm, glowing
radiates an aura
of blue
eyes searching and penetrating
obscuring my view
of the violent snowstorm

i raise my head slowly
to meet its stare
entranced and strangely comforted
by its ability
to transform me,
take all my trust

our eyes meet
and a connection is made
my eyes involuntarily
dart sideways
and I jump back
overwhelmed by the intensity

brilliant bursts of colour
elaborate ideas and sensations
lacking in shape or form
taking over my body, and
dispose of all
that once was

a split-second later
my hungry eyes return
to the sacred spot
needing more
with the unbearable arbitrariness

it will never be enough

suddenly it blinks
and all is lost
in a thieving gust of wind
taking pieces of my soul
and leaving behind traces
of silver
PrettyHate it doesn't work when you try to be more

like you
.fallen the pieces are everywhere 040302
Marky Mark . 040303
moon do you see it too? 040303
her royal highness the quirk aaargh i want to know damnit! i don't want to be just his fuckbuddy! 040303
ethereal there must be something there.

that wasn't there before.

(insert shiny plump tea pot and catchy disney tune)
. . 050128
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