psyki is there a reason
more specific than allure
i feel stalked
and unsure
Q Well, as long as you've asked, the pieces on meat were good.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. Go ahead and flame me if you wish.)
Equin0x There's a somehow and a nohow, but instead of everyhow we say every which way.
xiphoid the creator taught us, made us to create
guide my eyes to paradise...
if god walked the would be god's voice, god's eyes to me...
the church, the monolithic institution seems so remote and meaningless
yeah everything dims, when i know you're leaving
suddenly there's less sunlight in the world
my achievements and promising future seem somehow empty and meaningless if you're not around
girl_jane I forgot...I forget a lot... 020925
magret somehow i lost you
somehow i miss you more then anything
somehow you dont think about me anymore, but your all i think about. somehow no one else is enough.
hee hee ! and somehow no you are a Robin . 070512
what's it to you?
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