bee the one thing that will always trigger my imagination. take me to so many stories and realities. so damn deceptive, but makes me more perceptive. it's the reason i think i am in love and the reason my heart beats really fast every time i see him. 000107
marjorie we always must take such great pains in sifting through all of the ideas of other people that begin to fill those around us... the hollow silhouettes yearning to be whole, complete, and finding nothing but the left over discarded remnants of others which will have to suit them... as it is far better to be a conglomeration of others than to be just yourself. 000129
camille Remnants of people who have crossed my path, they are silhouette's etched in my memory.
My shadow is my silhouette.
Photograph can be a stilled silhouette in time. The dance we do in pictures.
divine madness so silky smooth
that dark silhouette
the moonlight caress your soft skin
that which slipped sensually all over me
that which I felt, each bump, each scar
so satisfying, so invigorating
your silhouette
what's it to you?
who go