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spelling is corrected
. (used when quoting) 031117
kaibutsu these definitions [sic]en me. 040309
u24 deos it really? I thought it meant spelling is not corrected, as in

Bob Jones, from Alabama, wrote in his influential essay on fish, entitled "fish";
"fish are like the brids[sic] of the ocean"

but maybe I've been fooled all these years?
u24 i don't believe I made a spelling error on this pgae. 040310
mon the genealogist indeed 24
sic : latin - thus/so.
used to denote that a seemingly misspelled word found in a transcription of a document (a primary source) was copied exactly as viewed/read by the transcriber of the source document.

misspelled words (especially names) can actually be very important clues to a researcher.

transcribes old documents often
uhanei Go ahead, rape me of my humanity.
Itís just a game.

You cover up your arms so I canít see the scars; I close my mind so you canít see the ignorance.

But my eyes are open wide, and I see right through you.
tchiseen *barf*

*yak yak*

wheres a mop
hsg the way I Spell meant to be sic.

sic poetry

when i type it, it is in(the pc)correct.

in the computeright
but not policy-correct
ye'there's A PolyCyclical way of lookINg it.

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kno d & kno w

C? clICk. ALL.


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