torus Sardines are really quite nice, though. No? I suppose that they are stinky, and fishy, and that turns people off but damn it! I like the little bastards, so there...;-) 010928
trixie when i was in elementary school i used to eat them before school... and then i said hi to someone and they were like "ew... what did you eat for breakfast? fish?"

jane packt_like_sardines_in_a_crushd_tin_box 030616
thunderbuck ram Used to play a game called sardines when I was a kid. See how many we could jam in a small enclosed space. Early sexual awakenings, I recall. I remember particularly the soft feel of a girl called Norma, and she smelled so fragrant and fresh. I think I may have gotten momentarily erect. 040820
nom) who else thought of the burbs?

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