kendera i have nothing to sayi have nothing to sayi have nothing to sayi have nothing to sayi have nothing to say 010718
silentbobfuckyou i mean nothing to you. in your eyes i am just another gross flesh bag taking up oxygen. 010719
peyton she says it and I feel the doors slam

the air flies from the room, and I am alone in the vacuum

begging for a word, but no air in my lungs to plead for it

nothing bleeds me dry
Webley I see nothing, the nothing is something, im sure of it 020410
Webley I see nothing, the nothing is something, im sure of it. 020410
jessica is helping me anymore. 020517
0of46 Her breath carried a sweet nothing into my ear, like every breath of true love should. As she curled upon my content form, I passed to the realm of dreams, bu dreamt of nothing specific. When I awoke, she was gone, nothing remained save my memeory of her sweet nothings in my ear.....

rambling on and playing with catch phrases for the book i'll probably never write
i wish it wasnt so sounds interesing 020726
alice i am 020731
erogenous do i feel nothing? nothing can't be anything because even nothing is something. it is nothingness, completely and utterly in all its glorious neverending depths of darkness and folds of sky that swirl continuously into oblivion.

where is the nothing?
straw man Nothing is prior to the Not and the Negation. Anxiety reveals the Nothing. That for which we were anxious, was "really" nothing. The Nothing was present then. The Nothing itself nothings. 031215
i think i need a new name don't look down
nothing is there
two the past few days i felt like less and less of a person
a shadow strewn across the floor and then the light comes on, fullblast

today, as i was sitting alone, trying not to think of anything bothering me (when does that ever work?), the phone rang.

it was a friend i haven't heard from in a long time. months. just calling because he was out someplace that reminded him of me. and so he called because he was thinking of me, and thought i'd like to know about where he was. it was someplace i would like and he wanted to share it with me.

i didnt quite know how to reply...i was thought of. at a time when i felt i wasnt thought of at all...i just felt so marvelous.

then i read another friend's online journal quite randomly, and this person had posted a long rant about how people can be so aggravating, and how pointless it feels to talk with anyone when people seem to be so ... uninterested / uninteresting -- and then, at the end of a paragraph, he says that he is very grateful, however, because there are exceptions. and he listed two people. i had to read the sentence over. i was one of the people.

i still can't believe it. two...two things, which i would think friends should be used to their friends thinking of them like that, but...i honestly am not. so many people i know are too afraid to let anyone know they care, or else..maybe they just don't care?

but either way, to have these two friends of mine say things like that just made my day 100x better.

it's strange how so many things were making me feel so invisible, so worthless, so lost, so...inconsequential. and then today, two different people from out of nowhere let me know they care and that i matter to them, i am noteworthy. i am someone thought of, someone important to them as friends.

i am SOMEthing. i am not NOthing.
at least, not the them. and for this i am grateful.
piercedjenny Have you ever had someone ask WHAT'S_WRONG? Only for you to reply NOTHING?

I have.

I realized we all answer that way because we realize the other person doesn't really care.

How different the world would be if we cared. If we answered the question accurately. Then nothing would really be something.

what's it to you?
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