nonlucid why do people always have to pin things down with numbers, say ten of this, twenty of the other, find one word to describe not five or a million, say do it in thirty, do this seventeen times, number maturity in days - counting, counting, counting, trying to quantify everything in the freaking world because it doesn't make sense but numbers don't help anything
statistics mean nothing
limiting, forcing constraints
z amen! 040719
jane i'd like to brig everything back to three if i could 050722
ahem bring 050722
phil 3 4 2 050723
anne-girl uncountably infinite things can't be enumerated,

we need more of those
pete everything can be numbered if you have the patience and level of insanity to do it. RG10, here I come.. 070213
Strideo Why Not?

No matter what we quantify there will always be mysteries to which we do not have the answer.
2 much quantification "You have scored thirty-one love points with me, Dad, but since Mom scored thirty-two love points, she's clearly the winner. Sorry, Dad." 070214
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