freakizh most of my blathes should be specified with this awesome two words as a bottomline.

i'm filled with anger towards everything, and a nice disposition to discuss, even if i have to provoke others.
god offensiveness just makes me sick. every time i think of something offensive, i just want to fuck my momma. 020702
Casey Hey bobby, I'm going to cut off your tiny head and jam it in a bag made from baby seal skin then I'm going to douse it in diesel gas then light it with a zippo with a confederate flag on it. Then I'm going to throw it at a mexican eating burritos. Then I'm going to take the rest of your body to the woods and let a black bear whose legs I had chopped off a few hours earlier eat your remains. Then I'm going to shoot the bear, open it's stomach, take out what's left of your bopdy. Then I'm going to go feed half of your remains to a hobo. Then I'm going to take the other half, bury it outside an indian casino and pour pepsi on it.

I hope pouring pepsi on you doesn't offend you. ;)
Smurf pepsi.. Eeew. Bleh!

It would disgust me, as well as offend.
what's it to you?
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