Forming Mind sweet to the soul. sweet to the brain. Calming breaths that feel as though each brings in a meadow of tulips and the smell of roses. Licking lips of sweet tabacco and raspy voices of those that endulged far too long. Beauty. Worlds that don't need long, safe lives. A few years off for a few moments of sweet beauty. Let me die in my meadow of sweet fragrance. 041212
applegirl and i saw him smoking it like a junkie
i wanted to be
just as beautiful as him
and i smoked it like a junkie
sketchy and mean
with dirty messy hair
and smudgy mascara eyes
idiosynthetic smoking is cool. it's good not to too. 041212
Forming Mind smoking is neither cool nor real. But a passing inhalient that gives your lungs reason to rise. and your mind a reason to ease. And erases years from your life and injects poisons into your lungs.

But the beauty is found deeper than "cool" and "smoking" or "nicotine."
stork daddy neither the reckless abandon of slitting your wrists or the fastidiousness of wheat grass and morning jogs.

it's a moderate way to take life lightly. neither clinging or jumping.
Michael enters greasily and sweetly into my choking bronchial passages. a light goes on in my brain and the world finally dulls a little. too much clarity ruins the view 110924
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