Barrett I saw New_Order back in '89. It changed my life. For some strange reason I cut off my long hair and stopped wearing black (for a couple years anyway).
Thank God I didn't throw my Misfits skull T-shirt away.
every time i think of you i feel shot right through 010308
lost my brother used to listen to them all the time. i was only like 5 then and i knew all the words to most of the songs. 010501
birdmad formed from the ashes of joy_division after Ian's death in 1980, two of their first songs were actually joy_division songs redone by the new entity

ceremony and in_a_lonely_place

it's funny, even on their newer, much more "pop" releases, there is still visible traces of what began back in 1977

"we're like crystal,
we break easy"
shot right through it's no problem of mine
but it's a problem i find
living a life
that i can't leave behind
splinken i see a ship in the harbor. 030331
Bernard Dicken I guess there's just no way of knowing. 040608
Brotherhood BILLITON TITAANZINK 0.50 I 8 0359
NEN 7065 KOMO 31898 84. 1986
what's it to you?
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