z i saw the movie with a 5 year old girl and an eight year old boy. she liked it, he was passive to it. when i asked him why he said that there was not enough story in it.

it reminded me of my first readings of the books. i liked them a lot at about his age and re-read them some over the years. when i was 11 or 12 i suddenly realized that it was all an allegory for the christ story. i felt proud for having figured out the puzzle (clever me) and angry for having been tricked into exposing myself to an indoctrination tract. i was disturbed that it was available without being identified as rhetoric. eventually i gained enough perspective and decided that all literature comes with a point of view, a bias if you will.

i enjoyed the movie for it's entertainment value (effects, filmic qualities etc.) and had fun identifying the parallels to the christ story. i am, however, inclined to agree with the 8 year old; the story, while very close to my memory of the text, was a bit sketchy. it was as though the cloth from which it was made was coarse, it's weave a bit open. i wanted more complexity, some depth. that may be too much to ask for what amounts to a kid's movie.
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