monadh soft awakening from a dream that is 010727
ShilohLives you had.....then you cut the string and my heart came falling. But as you re-string it you say..I love you I owuld never do anything like that to you..and so again ..... and then the string is passed. 030614
ferret hanging hanging
never knowing
light and sparkling
always glowing

through the darkness though i'm dead,
i still see you riding red
chiding mists roll round my head
as i lay here, sickness fed

when even i can't hear a thing
i know you'll be there white within
robbed without your shining grin
my heart hanging from a string.
sixteen an insomniacs dream
I lay dialating
with the pulses you give me
strung along by any word
you will give me
feed me...
hungry like addiction,
I guess I am the link in between
and I'm busy loving you both,
you know what is right
you know what is wrong.
all I can say is

make the choice
that you want to be

and i love you
no matter what.

its just the way poetry works at our age.
Nukemall snip, snip 031014
cupcake quit using it for a yo yo! 031015
brain stew oh, so *that's* what an abyss looks like...*string twists and turns in the breeze*
creak creak
what's it to you?
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