Brad Welcome back MollyCule. 001001
silentbob mollycule have i loved 001001
Q every night i sleep with sextillions of mollycules

MollyCule Wow. I feel so loved right now . . . ::sniff, sniff:: . . .

lovers lament Molly, my truest love. My soul mate. 001121
lovers lament i feel inside your mind
seems like every night
you ask why i'm so faded
just outdated. out of your life.
so close to being that which you despise
just want to lie with you tonight
and brush your hair out of
your eyes
and be close again, like before
molly,i've never needed you more
than now, right now
my sister in blood, don't forget
just don't forget me
and the places we will see together
remember the song in the subway car
so far away from now
so gone from me, pulling me apart
just like you
molly, my one, my true
silentbob my room's the universe. i lay here on the floor and look up at the stars and my mind is fine for a little while. my room's the universe. i sit and play guitar and my gut isn't hurting now. i lay down. i breathe in and out; in and out for a little while. my room's the universe and i'm a molecule. a simple molecule. my room's the universe and i am dust.

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