yola "The new earth and the new heaven come like the two modes of knowledge, knowledge being the chief art of love, as love is the chief art of knowledge." 000531
lost meaningfull yet so meaningless. 010425
unhinged dorian
Casey I disagree with lost. Nothing in this world is meaningless. If someone is good, wise, and couragous enough to say something, then it is never meaningless. More like it is like gold and should be praised. 010425
god kind of blue 010425
unhinged phrygian 010426
unhinged plagal

andru235 ionian and aolian
acquired the endorsement of kings
dorian and phrygian
elicit sonic mystic rings

everyone accepts the lydian
as being quite in style
and mixolydian, as well
has been loved for quite a while

and then there is the queer, odd duck
the locrian, quite hidden away
my friends, in case you have not noticed
the forgotten mode dost guard the gay!
god all this talk about modes is cool. i learned about modes through reading books on jazz improvisation. thusly, i think of modes in relation to the major scale.
take a "c" major scale, for instance...
start on the first degree of the c major scale (a "c", of course) and you get a c ionian scale.
start on the second degree (d), you get a d dorian.
start on the third degree (e), you get an e phrygian.
start on the fourth degree (f), you get an f lydian.
start on the fifth degree (g), you get a g mixolydian.
start on the sixth degree (a), you get an a aeolian.
start on the 7th degree (b), you get a b locrian scale.

a more musical approach would be to learn the intervals that make up each mode, but this might be a good way to get folks who can play a major scale to think modally.
what's it to you?
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