miss cree aunt and we toasted to miscreant behavior
and the problem with miscreants is
we are each out for our own,
you never know when
another opportunity will
tempt your allies away.

there is indeed honor among thieves,
even thieves have friends, and
they all seem to understand
if you don't show up for the night,
and they're more than happy to
aid_and_abet if you can find
something really interesting to
stick your fingers into.

we hailed to the miscreants,
and maybe that was my problem,
because while i was busy being selfish,
someone else was busy
truly not giving a shit, and
causing some damage in the process.

but miscreants do not roll over
when kicked; they bite, and
they run in protectorate packs,
and they will find you
when you least expect it.

using my powers for good
mostly suits me...
but now...
now is when mischief
becomes mayhem.
pipedream what a joy. merci beaucoup. 031211
Thug Keep on thuggin'. 080106
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