daxle Maybe it doesn't matter anymore, but I was an asshole. I was mean and I hid it under the cloak of doing or saying what was "right". Now I believe that if I can't think of a kind way to say what I *think* is right, then it shouldn't be said.
I'm doing pretty well at not being an asshole these days, but my brain is still clouded with so much judgment. (Is it good enough? Is it right? *Shouldn't* *Should*)
Sure, it's useful to evaluate things on a much more minor scale. And it does become silly to judge yourself for being judgmental. So how do you just stop, then?
Just, stop.
minnesota_chris I've come to understand that almost no one, almost never, is willing to listen to criticism. Only a friend who trusts you implicitly, and isn't an ass, and of those few people, only rarely.

Otherwise I keep my mouth shut. Or try to. Here I go giving unsolicited advice anyways. Are you really having a kid?
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