hanael i never sleep

keep this up and i'll eat a priest

during a sermon

i don't always look human

and i serve my own ends

neither my grandfather nor my accurséd uncle

clericas are tasty
ClairE and I'll keep up my end.

We'll make it good
sweet meeting
like folding sheets.
Tiffa Just you keep it up
and I'll have to reveal what my eyes are saying
Just you keep it up
and I'll make you stop this playing
child games
we know where it will end
we know what we're doing. Keep it up, Little Boy
Keep it up.
sometimes its the only way and just how you gonna to that? tell me so i can see if it is somethin worth experiencing. --littleboy 020517
Tiffa With sweet tangy pain, a fluttering heart and words that twist your mind into labyrinths. You'll love it. I promise.

(LittleBoy? Curiousity...not my own personal Little Boy, are you? That's a specifically special person to me.)
ugotmynumber yup its me alright. word me. 020518
Tiffa Nah, I think you're fucking with me. I can't even email you, you don't say who you are so I can link to what you write. Sly bitch.

If it is you indeed, you'll love the poem I wrote for you uner 'skinny'. Enjoy.
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