nonlucid seen him twice, ever
quiet guy, seems... different
which is rare enough to be interesting
typical conversation

... something random
"no way..."
stares at me blankly for a while, stare him down
"actually i'm not sure... you know, they say you can't be sure of anything... "
trails off

and then he sings 'girls just want to have fun', excitedly

he's so cute
nonlucid and i was acting like an idiot 050904
nonlucid but seriously
it's that feeling again
the i-love-ivan feeling which feels the same as i-love-s and i-love y

(but you can tell he's not crucial because i blathered his actual name unlike the others)

you can tell it's passing fancy, and that it'll be gone tomorrow from the style, the lack of severe angst and depression
you can tell it's partially just because I like the name ivan

and maybe because he's the type of person who his friends yell "IVAN!!!" for when he walks quietly into a room

i guess i just like his style, really
slightly offbeat and all
nonlucid maybe it's just a symbolic_crush
abstracted feeling or something
no reason is apparently a stalker 050904
what's it to you?
who go