ClairE How I loathe thee!

Ick, school computers!
Dells are much better than you.
Mine's coming by mail.
nah....! claire, you really do rock. dells ARE so much better. i have one and it is incredibly lovely. 011127

Like my haiku above? ::bats eyes demurely::
Sonya Pretty colors, but overrated. Why is it that schools always use Apple?! The Imacs are even slower than the unoriginal G4's. The keyboards are small and stiff, and the mice are just hockey pucks. Why pay close to 2000 bucks for this when you can get a PC for less than half that price? 011127
nah....! yes claire, very clever. : ) 011127
ClairE Did I ever mention that I_hate_iMacs? 011129
Seed I'd rather see schools use imacs as opposed to Windows based pcs just due to the fact that I know my taxpayer money isn't further supporting an illegal monopoly.

G4s are nice, tho, I am saving up for one.
carlita i just want to come to the defense of the imac. i agree, the old (colored) ones were slow, but the new ones with the flat panels are awesome. anyone want to fight about it, bring it on!!

celestias shadow they do have such prettiful colors.... but I still like my pc better. Apple people get so fucking indignant about their computers. 040117
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