*_the missing link_* that's what you do.
i feel like it shouldn't be possible to be so fucking magnificent.
maybe you aren't real..
*_the missing link_* when those mirrors shine, my darling, and you look into them,
your reflection bounces back something even *brighter*.

you outglisten everything....e v e r y t h i n g
misstree oil-slick, liquid love, watch light sheen from one end to another, sharpened gleam on darkling ink, taste its glisten, it will coat your tongue and infect. 031107
death of a rose the coffee pot as it slips off the counter. 031127
Lemon_Soda Ridgid and unmoving.
Cold. Hard. Dead.
Laying there with blood and bile, hate frozen on a mask of horror and fury. Unblinking eyes stare at me.

I watch them glisten then glaze, and laugh.
egger . 040110
Borealis a glistening trail
you see it
don't you
puredream first words glisten. special. 040625
misstree lick. 040625
what's it to you?
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