Doar crash and grind of metal forced into unseen circumstances,
follow procedures that become obsolete when printed,
hunchback thrills,
glowing briefly,
descending quietly.
unhinged the thing that stops me
the teeth that stop me
from sliding further down
my depression hangs from them
letting it's weight
strip them down
the gears of my heart
the ones that are supposed to keep turning
no matter what
the teeth that stop me
the black weight hanging
stripping them down
jagged to smooth
so there's nothing stopping me
my black weight
a rasp or plane
smoothing them down
there's nothing stopping me
i have carefully crafted these tools
so while my shoulders ache
from hanging on
i can grin sadistically at it all
that only i placed myself here
and as the tooth i'm holding on to
slowly grates to smooth
and my hands slowly slip
i can grin
while i'm going down
the death grin of a excavated skeleton
there's nothing to stop me
pete . 040716
Syrope fear of death is only valid for those not afraid of living

i'm a goddamned hypocrite
unhinged i was just trying to think of the name of this poem today....creepy

Fan Doar, that is a great poem. 080602
In_Bloom I dare you 081027
unhinged .

skeletons dont have the same connotations for me now though
what's it to you?
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