Uhhh Ganesh We sort of discussed this on some time ago. We didn't reach any kind of meaningful conclusion. Which is cool. Come talk to us. 010307
sab hello darling

i know its right
you keep appearing impaciently.

i know your waiting

its ok
i'll be there soon
amy nada obstacle remover. a de-Saturner would be a god in it's own right, but i feel silly chanting to gods, it's almost counter-intuitive. what's the difference between Ganesh and Kali. don't know. don't really care -- this is all quite difficult and truly over my head. had i stayed with that Indian guy, i might have left him by my 30th birthday on the grounds of a god mixup. now that i think of it, maybe that's what i had to do with that one city i was living in too. of course, there is really not much Ganesh there to speak of, perhaps it was a Kali-divorce. but i digress. funny that i can't get straight about separations, even. 100304
what's it to you?
who go