Strange&Compassionate If we turn from Life, we have only Death. From the minute we humans started building fires to cook our food, we have been aware that we must revere the source of our lives and the life on this planet... And we have named that source Mother of Life. She is kind, sometimes cruel, always indifferent to sacrifice exept for those who came in our time... Fertility Rites, the celebration of birth of the new year: Thanks for the harvest. But she is capricious and aloof. Her manifestations Serene, Ferocious, Willful, Cruel, Wise, Lustful, Mysterious, Wanton, Loyal, Scheming, Jealous, Cool, Greedy, Dreaming. She responds to arrogance by witholding her favors and sometimes by destruction. Her weapons are overwhelming myriad, awesome: Winds, Water, Lightning, Fire, Ice, Heat, Earthquake and Tidalwave! 080117
lantaren/venster reminds me of captain planet! 080119
reminds me of the foundation series 080119
u24 "try to realise it's all within yourself"... 080120
epitome of incomprehensibility The Gaia Hypothesis. You've got to love a scientific theory that was tested by a computer model called Daisyworld.

I don't know about the Mother Earth thing, though. I think Earth is probably transgendered.
e_o_i Multiply gendered, maybe 080124
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