kx21 Manifestation of Soul... 020114
kx21 Space for String(s), Sensor(s), Sense(s), specifically Matter(s)... 020114
kx21 Science, Art, Mathematics, Philosophy, etc.. 020410
Q We both know well where
that field is. Let's be on
our lovely ways there.
fuffle the field of joy or the ocean of joy? 071117
Q The field beyond her and my and our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing. 071117
fuffle well what is what?
i'm totally kuffuffled,
are you an adulterer type person?
what is adultery? can you explain?

is it when someone doesn't want you to kiss someone else cos they are scared you won't love them anymore?

is being faithful forcing yourself to love someone?

i'm very confused about this suject, i only know that too much attension is put on physical touching/intamacy, some people confuse it with love however it is better with love and not just as a shallow physical pleasure.

please can you help me answer the questions
spell thingy *t


what's it to you?
who go