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blown cherry in it's proper form (as the doctrines of Epicurus, in the form of the writings of Lucretius and others, indicate) the Christians had every reason to be fond of it. Epicurus was all about balance and only taking what was sufficient for survival. The odd indulgence was ok, but for the most part he lived on bread and water. His defining philosophy was the experience of pleasure, though in his terms this simply meant the absence of pain. Bread to quiet his hunger and water to quelch his thirst.

This extremist notion of Epicureanism today is simply the product of misguided critics.

They do say however that the early Christians may even have modelled some of their images of Christ on remaining pictures of Epicurus, which in many places were also held in high regard, almost as sacred.

Anyway, I'll write more here once I've actually finished the damned essay. They tell me it can't be in any later than October now. She'll be right, so long as plays and revues and other types of fun stuff don't get too much in the way ;)
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