haplo A tool of discussion that people like to pretend they know something about, yet discussion reveals that everyone talks out of their asses. 981019
elimeny this sounds silly, i know...but for some reason this word reminds me of danny. I guess cause it starts with a d and ends with a y? God, I am NOT okay. so there. 991220
meli Diversity, melting pot, rainbow, equality. Like so many others, these words are commercials. 000105
old hick Statistically, the university looks like one of the most diverse places around. But when you really get down to it we all eat at seperate tables. There are the black groups, the brown groups, and the frats. 000124
Geek Power The place is so diverse that women aren't allowed in? On the assumption the school is so lame, sad and sick that every male is in a "frat" and every female a "sorority," where are the "sororities"?

Also, what about the "geeks"?
lost diversity is what makes the world interesting, and me a rejected freak. 010503
not really Why? You're all just people to me. 011029
what's it to you?
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