unhinged not all that surprising that in this land of blue hedonists this word hasn't existed until today 081029
hsg sleep_deprivation 081111
In_Bloom Cuddle 081111
unhinged we've been sleeping together for over a month, but last night was the first night we cuddled. he seemed surprised when i sidled up next to him. 081111
camille touch 091010
suppose suppose suppose Stale, dry, desert hot, line drawings of mirrors, vague images, boney animals, no corpses no tombstones no love and all the money in the world. 100620
does it ease the pain? This depravation of love,
deprivation of closeness and everyday intimacy,
stirs in me a need, a desperation for lost loves.

Would that I could erase such memories from my mind and not ever have known such pleasures of which I am now deprived.
Michael waking up to empty rooms day after day, denying myself nicotine, sex, love, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, simply because it all had previously ruined my life.
I did take up nicotine again
what's it to you?
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