daanuh Crass was the first "punk" band i ever listened to. I was 14. I just got my first boyfriend. He was a "punker." He made me his "punk girlfriend." I thought he was cool. We were inseperable. Then one day he sent a package from Southbell to my house. Inside was a Crass CD. I listened to it. Then I listened to it again. Then again and again and again. Then he broke up with me. I was crushed. But I was addicted.

An addiction is hard to fight. An addiction to music is even harder.
I havent tried to yet.
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unhinged because i don't have a hard time talking honestly about religion and politics i'm crass?

stork daddy i can't believe janet jackson's boob is the tasteless moment of the super bowl when you have goofy astronaut ballet dancers bouncing across a fake moon while "i fall to pieces" plays as a tribute to the columbia. now is that or a little laxness towards the exposure of a bare boob really what makes us uncultured. 040208
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