For sure! they howl! they growl! they don't eat out of a bowl! that doesn't even rhyme anymore. that makes me sad. 000712
Glory Box Every time I hear that word, I picture the wolves from "Beauty and the Beast" slinking around in the woods, waiting for the mist to rise and obscure them. This is silly, because, no matter how hard they try, coyotes aren't wolves. They're too skinny. 001111
Barrett "Coping with the Urban Coyotes" UNIDA 001111
daisy coyotes ate my piano teacher's chickens. i liked those chickens. i bet the coyotes liked them too. it would be nice to have chickens. you can hold and pet chickens, but they don't need your attention. 020720
Lemon_Soda Exceptional people with a penchant for trickery.

Very hard title to earn, and thats the only real way you can be called one: earn it.
misstree i've always felt honored that i keep company with coyotes. 031106
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